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Planetarium On The Go - Digital Portable Planetarium

Planetarium On The Go has a semi-permanent fixed dome structure and seats for the spectators, making it a - unique in its kind - Digital Portable Planetarium. It's main feature is the fixed dome structure 6 meters in diameter with a high quality hemispherical projection area of 57 square meters!

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we bring the stars to you!

We travel to a school, museum, library, science center or any public place, even in the most remote locations, offering a high quality immersive educational experience. By showing the fascinating discoveries in astronomy and space exploration, it both inspires and educates people of all ages about our surroundings - the Earth itself and our place in the Universe.

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Portable Planetarium

The development of Planetarium on the Go in schools, especially those far away from major cities, will open this way of learning for more children. It can travel to a school, museum, library or any public place, even in the most remote locations.


Teaching Astronomy

Planetariums are the world's astronomy classrooms and theaters of public science education. They both inspire and educate people of all ages about our surroundings, the Earth itself and our place in the Universe, and they are often a place in which young people become enthused to follow a scientific career.


Science Education

In a time when quality science education is more important than ever, a scientifically literate public is an essential part of the progress of any country.

Interactive events - Observe through a telescope

Spectators feel like they are part of space exploration. If the weather permits we observe through a telescope various objects of the night sky after sunset or the sun through a special solar filter during daytime.

Our team

Nicolas Matsopoulos

Nicolas Matsopoulos


Nicolas Matsopoulos has degrees in Shipbuilding, Natural Sciences (BSc), Science Communication (MSc) and in Education (MEd). For 41 years astronomer at the National Observatory of Athens.

Theofanis Matsopoulos

Theofanis Matsopoulos

FullDome movies producer

Theofanis Matsopoulos is a partner of the European Southern Observatory (ESO), which is based in Munich and operates, in the desert Atacama in Chile, the largest astronomical observatories in the world. He specializes in fulldome cinematography and video production for digital planetariums

Konstantinos Sakkas

Konstantinos Sakkas

Planetarium Director

Konstantinos Sakkas has a degree in Civil Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens. Founder of Zagori Observatory and Ioannina Amateur Astronomy Association

Christos Sakkas

Christos Sakkas

Project Manager

Christos Sakkas has degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of Patras and MSC Engineering Project Management from University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology