Planetarium On The Go - Digital Portable Planetarium Greek version

2018 Planetarium low2Venue requirements: We require use of a large preferably indoor space as a gym or hall, with a flat floor of minimum dimensions of 6.5m x 6.5m and an overhead clearance of 4m. We also need access to a standard electrical socket. It takes 2 hours before and 1 hour after the event for the assembly/disassembly of the equipment. Planetarium Οn the Go can also be set up outside. It has no problem with rain and the Dome is air conditioned with heating in winter and cooling in summer.

Capacity: The Dome has 38 seats and can accommodate about 45 spectators with the excess spectators sitting on pillows. We can also accommodate wheelchair users. With 45 spectators per show, we can serve about 700 spectators in a dayly event.

An Astronomy Event consists of Planetarium Shows and observations through a telescope. Should the weather permits, spectators can also observe through a telescope, the starry sky during the night or the Sun through a special solar filter during the day.

Planetarium shows: We have a wide range of digital full dome (360o) productions, some available in 24 languages.

We come to your place, even in the most remote locations, offering a high quality immersive educational experience. We organize events at schools, museums, science centers, libraries or any public place.

Cost: The price for an event is determined by contacting us.

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