Planetarium On The Go Greek version 

Venue requirements: We require use of a large preferably indoor space, as a gym or hall, with a flat clean floor of minimum dimensions of 6.5m x 6.5m and an overhead clearance of 4m (in case of doubt, please contact us for confirmation). We also need access to a standard electrical socket. It takes 21/2 hours before and 11/2 hours after the event for the assembly/disassembly of the equipment. If you don’t have an indoor space “Planetarium on the Go” can be also set up outside.  

Capacity: Our planetarium has 38 seats and can accommodate about 45 spectators, with the excess spectators sitting on pillows. We can also accommodate disabled persons and wheelchair users.

Telescope observations: Along with the shows, if the weather permits, spectators are able to observe the sun through a telescope with a special solar filter during daytime or/and various objects of the night sky after sunset.


Schools   € 4,00
Events general admission      € 5,00



Planetarium on the Go can travel to a school, museum, library or any public place, even in the most remote locations; you can contact us to come to your place. The total price for each event is determined on request.

You can contact as at